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How to keep your hardwood floors as good as new

The shine and look of your newly installed and finished floor is amazing, but very quickly it can become a memory if you will not look after your floor properly. Today I want to share a quick guide on how to to keep your hardwood floors as good as new for as long as possible.

FIRST - it is important to understand that there are many different types of flooring and finish, which require unique ways of maintanence. And where do you think is the best place you should start looking for information? - The manufacturers instructions. It sounds obvious, but many people look over this source of information and end up waisting time and even finding the wrong information.

Now, when we covered the basics, let's explore some tips that can help you keep your floors shining.

Be Proactive - Always sweep your floors with a soft broom, this will keep the surface clean from small, hard particles that may scratch the floor. When wiping up messes, try to use dry towel or a rug. It is always a good idea to put carpets under the furniture, or in high traffic areas to avoid localized floor damadge. If your floors will be exposed to constant sun, then you should consider buying shades or curtains to block some of the Ultra Violet rays.

Invest - Purchase a vacuum with a bare floor attachment to guarantee removal of dust and dirt. Also, there is a vast amount of special floor caring products. They help clean, restore and protect your floors. I will not go into details about different brands and products in this blog. (I will create a post in the future). Spending money after an expensive project like new hardwood floor may not be what you want, but trust me, it will pay of in the long run.


1. Do not use a lot of water as when cleaning your floors. Immediately wipe up any wet spots after cleaning.

2. Do not drag the furniture when moving it, lift it instead.

3. Do not use cleaners designed for other surfaces- tile, lineoleum, or laminate- on hardwood. These will dull the surface, or cause it to become overly slippery.

4. Do not use oil soaps, liquid or paste wax or other household products containing oil (such as citrus, lemon or tung oil), silicon or ammonia to clean floor.

if you follow this simple guide, your floors will be as good as new for many years to come.

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