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Men installing hardwood floors
Refinish of hardwood floors

Tools we use 

At Alpine Hardwood Flooring we use best performance tools from the best brands on the market. We beleave that top quality work can be achieved with top quality tools. 



Is the high performance machine designed for the efficient finishing of large-scale areas. The 300mm wide specially formed sanding drum guarantees an aggressive way of working and high-quality finish with optimum dust extraction. Lagler's power pack stands out thanks to both capacity and quality. A 4kW (5.5PS) single-phase AC motor ensures effective drive.

Cralke Super 7R


Is a powerful, versatile, and easy to use wood floor edging machine that has earned a reputation as a reliable performer. The Super 7R is designed for productivity and dependability with rugged cons truction and precision fittedcomponents. Harded steel pinion with brass drive gear reduces vibration. Precision balanced sanding pad produces finer finish. Powerful 1 hp motor maintains speed under the heaviestcut conditions.

Clarke 1600DC


Was designed specifically with the demands of wood floor sanding and finishing in mind. The added weight and balanced design mean the most aggressive sanding, highest productivity and smoothest operation of any rotary sander on the market. It has balanced pad driver for smoother operation and fully enclosed 1.5 HP fan cooled motor for excelent sanding and buffing. 

Lagler Elan


With its low machine weight and extraordinary manoeuvrability, ELAN is extremely suitable for sanding edges and areas of wooden flooring underneath radiators, as well as wooden staircasesl. A sturdy motor and good dust extraction guaranteeclean work. ELAN levels out Irregularities in floors smoothly thanks to the flexible steel sanding plate.

Sandia Super Raven


This powerful back-pack vacuum is perfect for removing any dust that resulted from sanding. It ensures clean and dustless sanding and buffing process, leaving the house and your floors clean. 

Hardwood Floor Installations​

Alpine Hardwood Flooring installs all types of floors including different kinds of wood, sizes and patterns. We guarantee fast and high quality installation leaving the customer satisfied with the floor they can be proud of for many years to come. 

Hardwood Floor Finish and Staining

We use high quality materials to ensure high quality results. Our expert will collaborate with the customer in order to find the best combination of materials to meet all of the customer's expectations and visions.

To ensure smooth finish and minimize pollution, we use Dustless system that captures up to 95% of the dust produced during sanding of the floors. 

Stairs Risers and Landings

If hardwood floor is not enough for you, we can install and finish stairs that will be a perfect match for your brand new floor and add to the atmosphere of your house.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

It is really important to keep your wooden floors protected. Each year the finish protecting your wood floor gets thinner and more scratched. That is why you should renew this protective coat to avoid permanent damadge to the wood. Alpine hardwood flooring will help you keep your floors shining and protected.

Alpine Hardwood Flooring - 1,000,000 square feet of experience​

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